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Hanging Out FAQ

Maintenance Issues:

For any issues, please submit a maintenance request via your Tenant Portal


Emergency Info:

All contact information is listed under ABOUT US


Lock Outs:

If you are locked out during normal business hours and we are available and nearby, we are happy to unlock the door for you and may waive the $100 Lock Out Fee. However, if during normal business hours we are not immediately available, you will either have to wait till we are available or there will be a charge to have us to change our schedule to immediately unlock your door.


If you don’t want to wait for us, you can try a locksmith try to get you in, but it will be significantly more expensive. A locksmith will typically charge more than $200 to get you in and they almost always change or damage the locks. If they damage the lock, we will have to charge you to fix that as well. The total charge for all of this could be more than $500. Therefore, it is best to find another solution if you can.


Chicago Locksmiths

(312) 878-2715

2048 N Milwaukee


Amazing Lock Services, Inc

(773) 935-8900

3165 N Halsted



Tenant Portal Login Problems:

If you don’t see the chili pepper logo on the login screen, then you are in the wrong place. Click PORTAL above to access the Tenant Portal.


Toilet Clogs:

We deliver all plumbing systems to you in good working condition. It is your responsibility to keep them that way. Never use a drain opener liquid. They never work and only eat the pipes.

A toilet is just a hole in the ground and if it is stopped up or not flowing well it is because something is caught in the hole. Normally, we would do nothing more than plunge it as well, and it will clear. Do you have a good plunger? If not, this may be why you can't clear the toilet. Home Depot has one that has a bell and an extra protrusion that forces the plunger into the hole, which guarantees that all of the air goes into the hole and does not just splash the water around. If you are having trouble clearing the clog, you should get one of those.


If you need us to come out and there is nothing wrong with the plumbing, there will be a charge to clear the toilet whether simply plunged by us, or if we have to call in a plumbing contractor. If there is a problem with the plumbing, we will certainly cover any costs, but 99% of the time there is no problem with the plumbing because the toilet is just a seat on top of a hole in the floor. Either someone has flushed something down that should have never been flushed or someone has put too much paper or material in it.


Give it another try with a little more muscle and a good plunger, then contact us if you still have problems.


Tub, Shower and Bathroom Sink Clogs:

We deliver all plumbing systems to you in good working condition. It is your responsibility to keep them that way. We will clear these clogs the first time for free. After that there is a $100 charge to clear it. Never use a drain opener liquid. They never work and only eat the pipes and will burn us if we later have to clear the clog when it doesn’t work.


To avoid any possible charges, you can prevent shower and tub clogs by purchasing a hair strainer Google for “bathtub hair strainer”. Here is an example from Amazon http://a.co/6gljkwk or this one http://a.co/8CQA2BG.

To clear the clog from the tub yourself, typically you will need a long skinny Philips head screwdriver to loosen the screw on the tub drain cover (turn counterclockwise to loosen) enough to allow the cover to be lifted off. Then to remove the hair and gunk that is stuck there you will need a hanger or needle nose pliers, or the best tool is a ZipIT. This is a $3 plastic tool (www.zipitclean.com) that you can normally get at Home Depot and it is excellent for this.


Heating and Air Conditioning Problems:

If no air is blowing

1)       Someone may have turned off a switch that is physically next to or near the actual unit. Look for the unit and turn that on.

2)       Less likely, the circuit breaker has tripped. Find the breaker and reset it

3)       The thermostat is not functioning properly

a.        Change the batteries

b.       Look up the model number online to understand how to reset it.

If air is blowing, but it is not cold

1)       Check the circuit breaker and see if it has tripped. The breaker for the condenser, which is what makes it cold, is unique in that it has 2 "legs" not just 1. It should be labeled.

2)       If the circuit breaker is not tripped, then go outside and see if the fan on your compressor is spinning or if there is ice on the pipes attaching to your compressor unit.

If air is blowing, but it is not hot

1)       Silly check, but is the gas working in your apartment? Check your stove.

2)       Can you tell if there is any flame inside the heater?


Please email us back with the info below if these things don’t fix the problem.

1)       Did you replace the thermostat batteries, and did you reset the thermostat?

2)       Is the furnace blowing air?

3)       Is the air coming out room temperature, or hot, or cold?


Filters: Dirty filters cause many furnace problems. It is your obligation to check and replace your filter when it becomes dirty. We recommend replacing it at least 4 times a year and more frequently if you have pets. They only cost $1 or so and replacing them frequently not only reduces the likelihood that your furnace or air conditioner will fail when you need it, but also ensures that it operates efficiently which will save you money on electricity and gas. (We recommend the use of the cheaper filters and not the more expensive ones because while the more expensive may remove slightly more dust from the air, they also require your furnace/AC unit to work harder, cost more to run, and break down more often.) To replace it, just look for the vertical slot on the side of your furnace and slide out the old one and slide in the new one careful to make sure the airflow arrows point towards the furnace and not the duct that returns the air to the furnace. If you need help let us know.


Nest Thermostat:

This link will show you how to use your Google Nest thermostat.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcko5IrB1AY

Watch the video until 1:10. You can skip time 1:11 thru 3:59 since it is all installation stuff.

Minutes 4:00 thru 5:37 is the information that specifically applies to you and is very helpful.
For Scan Code: Restart it, then under ACCOUNT, click on it, you can then see the scan code. DO NOT reset it, just restart it. 


Electric Problem (blown fuses or tripped circuit breaker):

If a circuit breaker has blown (tripped), the switch may still look like it is in the on position, but if you push it towards the on position; you will feel it move a little. A circuit that is not blown won’t move at all. This switch then needs to be turned fully off and then back on again. If you are not sure, just turn off and then back on EVERY breaker in the box.


Garbage disposal stopped working:

There are a number of reasons a disposal won’t work, but most of the time it is because a tenant has dropped something in the disposal and jammed the mechanism. If that is the case, you need to reach your hand into the disposal and pull out anything you can feel in there that you might have dropped in there. Once you clear that, you need to reset the red push button underneath the disposal mechanism under the sink, and possibly also the circuit breaker, which may be in the basement.


If it still doesn’t work or the circuit blows again, use an allen wrench to clear the jam by inserting it into the shaft located in center of the underside of the disposal and move it back and forth to free up whatever is jammed. Sometimes there may be an allen wrench taped to the disposal. You can search YouTube (clear garbage disposal) for helpful videos.


Let us know if that solves the problem. Please know that there will be a charge if we find bottle caps or silverware, or other types of things in the disposal that shouldn't be there. If it is just jammed because it isn't working right, obviously there will be no charge.


Dishwasher stopped working:

Often there is a switch somewhere near the dishwasher that someone may have accidentally turned off thinking it was some kind of light switch. This switch is located either under the sink or on the kitchen counter back splash. Check and turn on any possible switch. Now, try to start your dishwasher. If it still doesn’t start, there is a small chance that a fuse is blown, and you need to reset the fuse in the fuse panel, but that is almost never the case.


Lightbulbs, Thermostat and Detector Batteries, Filters:

The tenant is responsible for all batteries, lightbulbs and filters inside of the apartment. If there is a unique situation where you can’t change these because they are hard to open or reach, you can leave the batteries or bulbs in an obvious place in your apartment, and we can stop by and take care of the install. As always, a maintenance request is required and including photos is always helpful.


Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector is chirping:

You are required to maintain a working battery in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and to report any malfunctioning detectors to us immediately. If you have trouble changing the batteries, submit a maintenance request and we will help. We will ask how it is chirping (3 chirps, 1 chirp every 30 seconds, etc) We may also ask for the model # of the device.


City of Chicago Services:

Zone Parking Info:


Garbage Pickup:


Report Problems:




The garbage cans are always located in the alley behind the building, or if there is no alley, then in the parkway in front of the building. There should be cans both for garbage and re-cycling. In this age of Amazon, please break down all boxes, so they are flat and can be placed alongside the garbage cans. This will help to stop the garbage cans from overflowing for no reason.


Snow Removal:

We will start the shoveling process once the snow has completely stopped and more than 2” of snow has accumulated. Normally that will be first thing in the morning, the day after the snow has stopped. We have more than 30 properties to shovel, but know that we will get to yours, it just may not be first. Once completed, we will send out an email, and if there are still issues you should submit a maintenance request.


Windows won’t close and lock:

Your windows are double hung windows. In order to close them all the way and lock them here is what you do. First be sure the locks are open, then push the top sash all the way up to the top and then the bottom sash all the way down. Then lock the window making sure that the lock engages properly. There is a flange that hooks between the top and bottom sash. If it is not aligned the top sash will come down when you pull the lower sash all the way down, and you won’t be able to lock it. You need to make this align. If this does not work and you still have trouble locking your windows, contact us.


Outdoor Security: 

1.       Packages: even if you live inside a gated building, people can jump over those gates, and we can’t stop that, and if packages are not delivered inside, there is a strong change in the city of Chicago, they will be stolen. We highly recommend having packages delivered to you at work, or an Amazon locker or UPS drop off, etc.  If packages are visible in any way from the street, a porch pirate will steal it.  It is the unfortunate reality of living in Chicago.

2.       Secure your property: If you have a bike, furniture, BBQ or anything else of value outside, it must be securely chained to an unbreakable object. Leaving it unlocked in a garage or locked to a 2x2 wooden picket on a fence that can be easily broken is not sufficient, and it may get stolen.

3.       Door and gate closing: It is the tenant’s responsibility to be sure they are closed.  Let us know and we can send a message to the whole building to be sure everyone is checking to be sure the gates and building doors and garage doors are closed behind them when they leave.

4.       Security cameras: We do not install those because of the legal liability on us if those cameras were to fail. However, you can purchase amazing, and inexpensive cameras from companies like Wyze or Ring or many others and they can monitor what you need and can be even placed outside.


Outside Door or Gate Lock is Frozen:

Sometimes locks freeze. Just warm your key with your breath or a cigarette lighter and insert it into the lock. Then repeat the process as required to thaw the lock. WE ARE SORRY BUT NO ONE MAKES FROST-PROOF GATE LOCKS. If someone did, we would have them everywhere. It's either no security or locks that sometime freeze during freezing rain or wet snow and we prefer the latter.



No painting is to occur in any of our apartment. If any painting does occur those areas must be painted back immediately, to the original color. If it is not painted back, Hanging Out will charge the tenant the per room charge to repaint it. If there is a move out, we would charge this fee even if the new tenant moving in says it is OK to leave the paint. This is because we will end up having to paint it back at some point no matter what. Therefore, someone must pay the painting fee at the time of move out, not later, whether that is the old tenant or the new tenant.


Pre-Installed Internet: 

RCN / Astound (tech support 800-427-8686) @ 1049 Wolcott, 1056 Hermitage, 1057 Hermitage, 1457 Bell, 2219 Lemoyne, 2221 Lemoyne, 1501 Bell, 1048 Oakley, 1512 Oakley, 1542 Oakley, 1918 Crystal, 2014 Cortez, 1625 Campbell

-          You will only have a connection point on your wall. You need to contact RCN to have them install a modem & router.

Everywhere Wireless @ 1618 Marshfield

-          You need to provide your own router for WiFi signal. We provide an ethernet jack that provides hardwired internet only.


Apartment Noise & Common Spaces like Decks and Yards:

 Just a little heads up and note about noise from your apartment, or any common spaces, and your responsibilities to the neighbors and other people in the building.


1)       NOISE & PARTIES: If you are partying in your apartment or in other common spaces, please be considerate of the neighbors and other tenants in terms of noise and time of use. This means use good judgment in how late you are partying in those places. This applies to weekday nights and even includes weekend nights. Obviously, there will be a time when you may be having a party or having people over, and you have as much right to enjoy your place as anyone else. But you do live in a community of many other tenants, so please be considerate. If you know in advance, please notify the other tenants of your intention to have a party, so they can plan accordingly.

2)       PARTIES: Once in a while is certainly acceptable to have a party and be a little loud. However, partying loud till 1 or 2 in the morning, multiple times a week is not acceptable. You are all adults so please use good judgment, so that we don’t have to become babysitters.

3)       STAIRS: As people are coming up and down the stairs, please be cognizant of the other tenants and the noise you may be making that may disturb them or even wake them up if it is late. No one is ever psyched to be woken up when they are trying to sleep.

4)       DECKS & COMMON SPACES: Always remove any garbage that you bring up to the deck or other common spaces. This includes any of the possible things that can be thrown as listed below. No one is your maid and you need to respect the other people who live in your building and want to use the space as well. If you spill gross, sticky, or other types of liquid, please wash it down so we don’t get a ton of insects.

5)       DECKS: never throw anything off a roof deck. This includes bottles, cans, glasses, drinks, liquids or and especially cigarette butts. It can be dangerous and is a nuisance to the people who live in this building as well as the neighbors living around the building.


Please be considerate of the other people in the building whether in your apartment or in a common space. Talking between each other to solve these issues is also a better idea than calling the police on each other, which was once a problem we had in a building and which would be a shame to repeat.


However, ultimately if you do have a problem with noise, and if you have talked to your neighbors, calling the police is the next step. They are the only ones who can legally stop the noise while it is happening. In terms of stopping the problem in the future, please contact us, so that can be handled through the lease and the legal system. But we, as your landlord, are powerless to stop the noise immediately.


Thanks for your time and attention. Obviously, this is all pretty simple and seems childish to be explaining, but we just want to be clear so that everyone can enjoy all of the amenities of this building in consideration of the other people in this community.


Pests (Rats and Insects):

Most of the time we have problems with pests, (mice or rats or ants or cock roaches or whatever), is because an apartment is not kept clean. We don't want you to take that personally, so what does mean?


That would be that food is left out or left in unsealed conditions. Pests will go where there is food and if there is no food, then they will leave or die. So, the question is, where are they getting food from.


Do you leave dirty dishes out for a while or overnight?

Do you leave delivery food containers out, like pizza boxes, etc.?

Does everything go immediately in the garbage?

Do you leave your dog food sitting out or is it in a sealed container?

Are there other sources of food you can think of that might be causing this?

Are you leaving bags of garbage in the enclosed back porch instead of taking it to the garbage cans in the alley?

Any of the things above can cause problems, so we hope you stop doing any of these things if you are.


Even with all of those things being done, there will be times that pests come in for other reason. For instance, often a change in temperature will cause pests to come inside, and typically this will just last for a week or two.


A way to expedite their elimination is by setting traps and using sprays that can be purchased at Home Depot or other stores. The issue with the poisons is that we need to be very careful of any pets or children you have in your apartment because we don't want anyone to get hurt.


So, with all of that being said, if you want to expedite the solution, you can buy traps or sprays or anything else you need from Home Depot or Lowes and immediately solve the problem. If you do that, send us the receipts, and we will credit your tenant portal. If don’t want to do that or can’t get to it, we are happy to do it for you. Just submit a maintenance request or confirm with us, and we will schedule a visit.


Bedbugs: (click here for bedbug procedure)

If you think you have bedbugs, contact us immediately. If you see any of them and can capture one in a bag or take a picture, that is very helpful so that we can confirm it is a bed bug. Next you should flip over your mattress and use a hair dryer to blow hot air on the underside of it and its seams. If bedbugs are present, you should see the bedbugs scatter because they do not like the heat. If you do confirm the presence of bedbugs, do not be alarmed but it is imperative that corrective measures are taken immediately to prevent them from spreading throughout your apartment, your belongings, and also into other apartments. We strongly recommend that you discard your mattress and box frame altogether. It should be removed and dragged into the alley. Please let us know if you need help doing this because time is of the essence. Any bedding, sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc. that you plan to keep, will need to be washed and dried on the highest temperature setting. You should also use your hair dryer trick to check to see if they are in the clothes in your closets, any area rugs you may have and any other fabric furniture. If you do see that they have spread into these items, you should either discard or thoroughly wash and dry them on high heat settings or, alternatively, they can be sprayed with white vinegar from a spray bottle. In the event you chose to keep things and spray with vinegar, it is imperative you do it at least daily for at least two weeks to eradicate the problem. As a precaution, vinegar should also be sprayed around the baseboards of your apartment. We will also send our exterminator who will treat your apartment with professional grade pesticide. We will let you know when he is coming so that you can meet him and confirm the techniques that will eradicate the problem and also the best ways to prevent re-infestations.

Snow or cars blocking parking area:

We understand your frustration if you get blocked in by other cars, garbage cans, debris, or snow. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. For cars blocking in, you should call the police and have them tow the car. For snow, we never clear snow in alleys / driveways / parking pads / garages. This is clearly noted in the lease and moving information.


Pet Rent Policy Reasoning:

Just so you understand our pet policy and where we are coming from....


Whether you have a small cat or a large dog or anywhere in between, pets can create issues in the apartment and the building. Cat owners tell us only dogs are problems, and dog owners tell us only cats are problems. Both create wear & tear and the risk that they will pee and spray everywhere or eat the doors or claw the walls and woodwork or create other problems. Their fur gets sucked into the refrigerator coils and HVAC systems reducing the life span of those systems and often pets create a smell in an apartment that makes it harder to rent to new tenants. Whenever we have this conversation with people applying for our apartments, the conversation always begins with them telling us they have a special pet and that their pet takes up very little space and will do no harm, so we should not charge a pet rent. We understand your pet is special, but no matter what there is always a risk with having a pet in one of our apartments.


Some apartments don't even allow pets. We had to decide if we would allow pets, and if so, under what condition. We decided that we would allow pets but that we needed to charge extra rent to offset the extra wear and tear. So just as an extra tenant in the apartment adds to the wear and tear to the apartment, pets act as an extra tenant and their added wear and tear can be worse. Often, we have trouble re-renting an apartment that has had pets to a new tenant who does not have pets. This extra wear & tear and potential reduced value of the apartment is partially covered by the $50 increase in rent. However, please note that the extra money does not cover damage caused by your pet, which you would still be liable for, should this occur.


Alarm System Programming:

Some of our units have older alarm systems. If your unit has one, we highly recommend you use it, as it is free and may deter an intruder should someone try to break in. The alarms are NOT monitored, since it is typically more than $300 per year, and when it does go off, if it was monitored, it typically takes the police 30 - 90 minutes to respond and then it is pointless. That money is better spent on renter’s insurance.


Once you give us a 4 digit numerical code, we will program that into your alarm. We have 2 types of alarms. One type has an ON button on the keypad, the other does not. Never press ON, unless you know your code.


The way to test if your code has been programmed:

ON Buttons         Type in your 4 digit code. (Your system must ready, all doors & windows closed & no motion)

If it has been programmed your alarm will start beeping steadily, this means you have 45 seconds to get out before the alarm goes off. To turn OFF the alarm just type in your code again

In the future you can just press the ON button to activate.

No ON Button:    Type in your 4 digit code followed by the number 2. (Your system must ready, all doors & windows closed & no motion)

If it has been programmed your alarm will start beeping steadily, this means you have 60 seconds to get out before the alarm goes off. To turn OFF the alarm, type in your code followed by the number 1.

I believe you have just 30 seconds to disable it when you enter.